Welcome to FatzSoft Official page. This page are redirect from fatzbrowser.cf. We now in this web. We make great-apps for you. In fact, amazing apps. If your want download check this link -> LINK

We are FatzSoft, we are software development team in Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. We always making the better, new, and cooler software for you.

If you have any trouble with our apps, check this Q&A below.

Q : Why the app can’t start?

A1 :  If you have smadav antivirus, please activate the “Execution of Windows Script (VBS, JS, Powershell, etc.) & Office Macro. (We never make virus apps )

A2 : If you get Message box “This Application Need NET. Framework 3.5 or later” or related of that alert, Try install NET. Framework 3.5. If you not have it, Download here

A3 : Try to set compability apps to Windows XP Service Pack 3 – Windows 10.

A4 : Try to re-install. And, run as administrator before installing again.

A5 : Try to disable your powerful antivirus.


Q : Why the app is corrupt?

A : Try to re-install again.


(SMAD-CRACK) Q : Why the app is detected by my Antivirus as virus/malware?

A : Try re-open the smad-crack ( if quarantined, try to restore it. ) and disable you antivirus before cracking. (Specially Smadav turn off protection too. )